12.20.14 “Big Thanks”

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Its been a year. Nothing much change.
Just a little:

– She didn’t greet me on my birthday.
– She no longer ask my younger sister to text me regarding my situation abroad.
– She left without me on her side.
– I wasn’t given a chance to tell her how much I love her and how thankful I am for having her.
– She’ll never comeback.

I still remember back then,
The date? I cant recall when.
But its just you and me
Your looking after me constantly.

I remember when you ask my permission.
To be with somebody you like,
I approved on it,
Knowing that you’ll be happy.

What a happy day to remember
When you gave birth to my sister
And the next and the next a total of six,
Sadly “lalu” died at an early age.

Soon after I remember,
I seldom go home to visit you and my siblings.
I’m busy with my studies
Or more likely on my extra curricular activities.

O how fast time pass,
And all I can do now is to remember,
Remember the good old days
And start writing this piece.

Make use of every moment while its within reach
Say your thanks and appreciation to the person you love
Never let the moment pass
Till all you can do is to remember
And hope that you do all this.

In God’s Word in Ecclesiastes 3:1
“To everything there is a season and
a time to every purpose under the heaven”
Well for now mama.. Till we meet again.






P.s- Thank You for your time



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Bataan Death March Ultramarathon; commemoration of the suffering and bravery of 75,000 filipino/american POW’s.. Two different categories where organized by the Baldrunner.. BDM 102 was first stage march 2009, now with the upcoming 4th edition.. BDM 160 was for those stronger and quite bored with the latter distance.. BDM 102 is where I intend to join.. I’m waiting for october cause this is when BR will identify qualified runners.. While waiting I keep on motivating myself to continue traning through reading blogs, youtube and from running friends..

I will publish on this lonely page of my blog my training information.. hoping that somebody out of no where can get something out of this piece..


I would like to document my training progress, experience and lazy days for 102 Bataan Death March Ultramarathon 2012 edition..I plan to follow the marathon training program my cousin dowloaded from the internet, and I plan to double the intensity of the said program just to compensate the ultra distance..


I started yesterday with a Hill training.. program indicated that I should run 4 miles on rolling terrain with 8:58 pace.. I choose Mckinley Hill for the course and as planned I double the distance, convert it to Kilometer and multiply the pace to get the estimated time for me to cover the distance: 4miles x 2 = 8miles x 1.6(convertion to KM)= 12.8km.. Run time 8 miles x 8:58 = 1:11:44(base on online time calculator).
The reason I do all this manually is simple I dont have gadget to tell me my pace, distance covered etc..

My Weapon:

I started in my usual attire white addidas running shirt and black adidas short and my asics gel kayano 16, I added my camelbak jet valve handheld bottle for hydration..

Main event: Goal Met

I went outside the main entrance of Heritage park, this is where almost all of my run starts on.. I do short jog, stretch my body and set my mind to continue(I’m really lazy at times,, I might say most of the time). I hit the road at around 7:20+pm heading directly to Mckinley Hill. I follow the Last Man Running(LMR) course added the ascent to Mckinley Hill entrance near Lawton road.. I calculated it as 3Km distance. I made 3 loops plus 4kms I think back and fort to heritage park-mackinley-heritage.. I cover the distance 1:31:15 base on my watch.I consider it as goal met because I set 30 mins as extension time above my goal time which on this run is 1:11:44..


I feel slight pain on my left hamstring which was relieve by a pull stop and stretching.. My right knee didnt have issue during the activity and ITBS seems gone and healed completely(hope so!!!) I follow Dr. Phil Maffetones run on hot charcoal where I tried to quicken my stride and lessen the stress on my feet.. Hehe, hope this works to avoid future injury..


I buy kwek2x(a quail egg covered with orange thing, a street food) for P10.00.. When I reach Mckinley entrance I stop My stop watch and buy at the 7/11 store gatorade not on bottle but on cup(the one on self serve basis)..P25.00 for 26oz. I add a bit of Mt. dew to the gatorade and pour it on my camelbak with water to make it last long( you know the reason? cost cutting…) I was back to heritage park around 8:40+pm.. I’m not really particular with the time cuase my work starts 12midnight..

whats next? hope I can avoidLazy Bug to bite me..

Day 2: Week 1 (goal met)

Training and Computation

10×800 repeats: 800m on 3:33 pace + 400m of slow jog for recovery.. Its supposedly 5×800 but due to same reason as above I doubled it. I do my repeats in Army grandstand and parade ground. I went there past 6:30pm. Its really hard to hit 3mins and 33 secs if you dont have the device.. First try 2:45 which really makes me grasp for air and I feel dizzy.. but determine as I am..I continue until the 800m mark. which was really a relief on my side.. I shuffle and maintain a very slow pace to compensate with the fast start..It was followed by under 3:33 splits.. I have above 3:30 mins twice. I run the last 4 rounds unshod. which was part of Dr.phil maffettone’s advice..

My Weapon

I use the same adidas running shorts, adidas climacool shoes and my mizuno technical shirt from UK(ukay-ukay)..

Nutrition and Budget

I spent P25.00 for gatorade bought on the same 7/11 store on mckinley..P35.00 for my after run meal..

next.. tempo run in Army grandstand..


August 10-11, 2011
I dont have the guts to run during this days.. My legs are sore, I believe due to not enough sleep that leads to poor muscle  recovery.. I should have covered 25.6km as for easy run and 16km as tempo run during this lazy/recovery days.. I scheduled this day as my preparation for my Long Run tommorow in bambang nueva viscaya, a total distance of 50km.. I writing this while our calls are very low..I’m excited right now, thinking of a long ride to viscaya and a long ride with my asics gel kayano 16 tommorow..


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I went to Healthway Clinic 4th floor Market Market in The Fort Taguig City for check-up, together with Nelson who is accompanied by her girlfriend ishel who’s chief complaint is back ache. This is my first time to have a check-up and it is for my aching knees. I have a good conversation with Dr. Bartolome, although its not expected to have a more detailed information regarding my knee problem because she is not a athletics focused doctor she really did her best to share her knowledge. For the first time I will be having a Physical therapist  put some action to my feet. A very happy feelings that after day to day hammering of my feet to the ground due to my addiction to running atleast I have find time to let my feet experience some therapy that would really help my recovery and at the same time strenghten this wheels of mine. I have scheduled 6 sessions with the kind therapist who gave me Idea on what I will be going through with the sessions. After the quick check-up and scheduling I went home and rest for 30 mins to attend the 1st annual Barefoot Running Clinic. I arrived at the venue inside ROX on the ground floor. I arrive 9 mins late to the scheduled 6pm start but due to the organizers aim to grab the opportunity to have atleast as many runners as possible attending the clinic it starts at around 7pm. While waiting for the presentors I ask the lady who handles registration of the participants if I can join the clinic even for just the lecture because I fail to register online but more than a warm yes welcome’s me it comes with a participants kit composed of singlet, reading materials, a CD and Quaker oats drinks. A quick introduction was given by organizers and off we start our lecture with Jessica Lee, she shares about why and how she get into barefoot running( with a short love story and their place of honeymoon with her husbond Michael). Presentation transitioned to the deeper study of advantages life story and present stand of Michael Sandler on barefoot running. He has a lot of experience which almost everytime works when you do presentation to much more convince audience on your cause or topic. We go out of the building to do the drills on starting running barefoot and running free. After we have a short wrap-up and Q&A back to ROX we end up the clinic with a yummy chewy something( Apology to the organizers I forget the name).

3 things I learned with in this days activity:

1. I really want to run but running is not always my option I need to listen to my body(feet) and try to balance things..

2. Make a gradual changes to things, take it easy, enjoy what your doing and enjoy life.

3. Break your habit. Do take advantage of chances that will come your way and win the game.

My weekly summary: Nov 14-20

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Sunday-pm: 3 miles  ( 25 mins.) Heritage Park

-failed to continue due to rain

Monday-pm: 10 miles(16 km)  Fort Bonifacio

-legs are strong but there are sharp pain on knees. I plan to continue and finish on the heritage park entrance but I hesitate cause maybe it will worsen.

Tuesday-pm: 8 miles (10.6km) Fort Bonifacio

-I try to run longer but my usual pain stop me from continuing.

Wednesday-pm: no run(Core training)

Thursday: Team Bonding

Friday: No run.

-instead of doing long run I give in to my body’s need of rest, this will also allow my legs to rest for a while before I go for another daily run.

Saturday: Sabbath day..

-Church day..


Kilometer: 31.4 (19.6miles)

Time: Unknown

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Dreams dressed in white
Vows made by candlelight
Hoping to find out what true love is all about
A quiet fear
Where do we go from here
So many wake and see love slowly disappear

God causes all things to grow
Through every season we know
He will guard the life
That He’s planted in our souls
And when we feel the cold winds blow
We’ll hold to what we know
God causes all things to grow

You know where I’ve failed
My weakness has been unveiled
And yet by grace you choose to love and to forgive
So come what may our home is here to stay
A witness to the lasting promise He has made

Chorus (2 times)

And we know God causes all things to grow

how do I feel about it?

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1st investiture climb:

Mt. Pulag, Kabayan, Benguet

It was a very nice day in AUP (Adventist University of the Philippines) when we started packing together with Racky my best friend( and enemy).  We are excited of the fast coming day where we will be both become AMC (Ambassador Mountaineering Cub) pioneering members. Together with 8 other fellas, we aim to set foot on a said grueling ascent of Mt. Pulag Akiki Trail. We ride the famous Victory liner to Baguio, we arrive at around 5am where this city welcomed us with foreign and locals all time favorite “biting cold”. It’s just my 3rd time to be in Baguio first was with my friends way back in 4th year  and on my 2nd year in AUP with the AYS  for its Youth Camp. I dont know the place nor he (Racky) does, so we try to use our 5 senses; eyes to read sign boards, mouth to ask for direction, hearing to listen to their answers, touch to enjoy the weather, and taste to… taste. We end up doing market, choosing the best nutrition we need before, during and after the climb. We find our way to MPM ( Mountain Province Mission) after and prepare for our food in our roomates house, Jakson ( hakson) and Ken ( okioki). They are so hospitable so their mother is, we fail to meet pastor Ortaleza their father because by that time he  is in the hospital. We receive a SMS from our companion that instead of taking Nueva Viscaya to reach mt. Pulag jump-off they choose to hit Baguio first, because of  1.) they think that there might be some obstruction along the way cause by the typhoon and 2.) Logistics in common words ” Ukay-Ukay”.

We meet at SM Baguio and found them, Sir Aser, Mam Yam, Sir Nonoy (no pNOy), Sir Raymond, Josel, Adjing, Ate Love, and Kuya Art at Jollibee .

Standing: Sir Raymond, Racky, Sir Aser, Mam Yam, kuya James( Guide), Ate Love, Sir Nonoy Sitting: Kuya Art, Adjing, and Me. Photographer: Josel

We do the Adventure starting right there and then to the summit of mount Pulag, though we failed to experiene the favorite “sea of clouds” we were so happy with our accomplishment as a TRUE AMC member. We do the simple ceremony picture taking with our mentors and our certificate, it seems to be simple but meaningful to us..

the Invested

I enjoy hiking alone specially when comes my birthday but hiking with AMC adds more flavor on that enjoyment I have during hike and climbs. So how do I feel about it?

2nd Investiture Climb:

Mt. Tarak Ridge, Brgy. Alas-asin Mariveles, Bataan.

Jen Mae Goneo experience what we ( Josel Opena, Ronald Tenorio, Racky Albania and I) experience, becoming a fully Invested AMC, with our Undying sponsor and advier Sir Aser Neph Torres, two thumbs up for you sir. I was in Bicol that  time and you know how do I feel about it?

Sir Aser and Mam Yam

our all supportive adviser with his much more supportive wife

3rd Investiture Climb:

Mt. Tarak Ridge, Brgy. Alas-asin Mariveles, Bataan.

With this group is our before student ( is that the right word? just send me a comment if you think of the best word). We , then invision AMC to root its way up until the Jesus comes again and it is now on its  way to build a better foundation with God’s grace. On sept 17-19 on the same mountain where the 2nd Investiture takes place will rise a new group of indivual who endured the test of being Christ Ambassador. I want to join and become a witness of their fulfillment but I have work to do. I cant understand how do I feel about it..

hahaha… I know its the same feelings with those who wants to go but cannot go and those who wants to go but cannot go too. you know what I mean?

AMC has two TIME, time for TIME and time for money. Some have TIME but have no money and some have money but doesnt have time… huhuhu.

God bless AMC and to those who will take pledge to become ONE this coming Investiture.

God bless to those who will be sponsors and mentors of them..

May God continually bless us..

and now how do I feel about it or HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT IT?

mp3 and upbeat music

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Yesterday I went to Adventist University of the Philippines not by any vehicle but by foot. I’ve done this before but like most of my runs I’m alone but with a clone ( made in China) Mp3 player purchased for a very reasonable prize of 600 Php, my thanks to beautiful anne(seller).

Prior to this run a week before I downloaded songs from jepoy’s laptop of all variety, religious, ballad, jazz, opm, rock and more. I woke up 5:30 to be able to start at 6am, my cousin who told me night before that he will be accompanying me using the mountain bike has succumb to a common disease, laziness!.

The show must go on, I run the dusty, smoke full road of Sta. Rosa bayan to balibago complex, were I play patintero with the jeepney’s and busses. I played my mp3 when I reach Target mall, having shuffled songs I started to look for an upbeat music where I could base my stride but lo and behold out of almost 60 music I’ve chosen it seems that I have heard a couple of song that fits my running. Tindahan ni aleng Nena of Eraserheads and Blue Jeans by Apo hiking society so the outcome I repeat them for many times which I cannot count.

The up-beat music that I listen to makes me stride faster with relax mind and run like dancing with its tempo.

Don’t get me wrong by this statement, doing faster stride or hop during running cannot be obtained by nearly listening to this kind of music, it takes a lot of training and experience to do so. Music helps your mind set the tempo of your stride reach and foot strike.. and let me clear this out, I’m not convincing you to listen to this kind of music, but let it be just a trainer. I believe that most of the upbeat music doesn’t have good lyrics. What I can suggest is to choose the good one if there is no choice it will be upon you not to indulge on it.

Dont forget if you do running with or without this music items is to take extra pre-caution on the road.